Behind the Scenes with Dom Streater

In late summer 2013 we went "under cover" here at Overkill Studio when we hosted private studio space for a Project Runway finalist as she designed a collection in the "real world" for the season's penultimate episode.  

The designer, Dom Streater, who we know through the tight-knit service industry in Philly, needed a space where she could work away from the cameras and craziness of the show without worrying about her finalist status (the episodes play a month or two later) or her collections leaking online.  With the exception of a few Tim Gunn sightings in Old City... operation @domofix at Overkill Studio went off without a hitch.  I recently caught up with Dom at her new downtown diggs to film an interview for Visit Philly and Philly 360°:

Philly 360° went behind the scenes with Project Runway winner and Philly native Dom Streater as she released her Fall 2014 line during Philly Fashion Week. We also were granted an exclusive in-studio interview where Streater talked to us about her love for Philly and all things fashion and style.

"SNOWLAPSE" Featured on PhillyMag

How could I resist the temptation to photograph the snowstorm earlier this week?  Although I was stuck inside editing I set up a quick time-lapse shot from the window of my studio and posted it on Vimeo.  Thanks to Philly Mag for sharing it with some other great philly snowstorm videos! 

Check out the original article here:

The view of Market Street in Old City, Philadelphia from my desk on 01/21/2014.

Quarter-second exposures every 30 seconds for about 5 hours.