The Visual Side of Music

This winter season was filled with new adventures.  

Allow me to review:

  • I worked with Wonderful Machine to start a new marketing campaign- the first step of which was creating a new wordmark/logo which will serve as the foundation for a bunch of fun things I have planned for the near future.  
  • I directed several commercial projects for awesome clients like Visit Philly, Nicos Gun, Bar None Records, Uber, The Mural Arts Program, and Blue Cadet- to name a few.  
  • I've been photographing all kinds of artists, musicians, and inspiring personalities and updating my portraits portfolio with new work.
  • I co-founded Good Motion Project and launched our first films about Philadelphia's Rail Park and my favorite coffee shop in Old City: Menagerie (below).
  • I joined the Board of Directors for the Old City District and helped bring two new events to the neighborhood for 2014: Night Market and Old City Fest.  
  • I reclaimed some giant pieces of wood and built a badass conference table and desk for Overkill Studio.  We'll be launching our website and announcing new shows very soon.

I'm really excited about all of these new opportunities, how they might evolve over time, and influence each other, but a lot of that work has been more "behind the scenes"- which is why I'm proud to be recognized in the Spring issue of JUMP Magazine.  I chatted with Tyler about the visual side of music, my music video work, and the Philly music scene.  Most importantly, my friend Kate Harrold photographed me with the infamous table...

I don't know if I'm "The King of Music Videos", but be sure to take a look at the article and the Spring issue of JUMP below!



"SNOWLAPSE" Featured on PhillyMag

How could I resist the temptation to photograph the snowstorm earlier this week?  Although I was stuck inside editing I set up a quick time-lapse shot from the window of my studio and posted it on Vimeo.  Thanks to Philly Mag for sharing it with some other great philly snowstorm videos! 

Check out the original article here:

The view of Market Street in Old City, Philadelphia from my desk on 01/21/2014.

Quarter-second exposures every 30 seconds for about 5 hours.


DK & Good Motion Article w/

DK & Good Motion Article w/

If you’re familiar with Philadelphia’s contemporary art scene, you may already know Dan. This Drexel grad is the guy behind Stupid Easy Gallery, located in the heart of Old City, and has worked on countless visual projects for Visit Philly, Mural Arts, a number of local creatives and musicians like Duke & Winston and DRGN KING....So it’s no surprise that he’s managed to involve himself is some of the city’s coolest local projects.

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DRGN King music video "96 Tears" premieres with AOL & Spinner Magazine

Check out my latest project with the guys from DRGN King who are getting some much-deserved attention lately.  Click on "Music Video" up top to check out more from DRGN King and others!

Playing the roll of scuzzy stoop kids, the DRGN force pals around town causing street mischief. The band’s cover of “96 Tears” isn’t a total revision of the classic, but the Philly guys do inject it with a whole lot of heart.
— Cameron Matthews,