Music Video

DRGN King music video "96 Tears" premieres with AOL & Spinner Magazine

Check out my latest project with the guys from DRGN King who are getting some much-deserved attention lately.  Click on "Music Video" up top to check out more from DRGN King and others!

Playing the roll of scuzzy stoop kids, the DRGN force pals around town causing street mischief. The band’s cover of “96 Tears” isn’t a total revision of the classic, but the Philly guys do inject it with a whole lot of heart.
— Cameron Matthews,

Khari Mateen | "Bye Bye"

I recently directed a music video with Khari Mateen for the track "Bye Bye" off his first solo album Wait for Sunrise. (download here!) 

I shot the video with a Canon 5d mkii and an old Vivitar pentax k-mount 50mm - my first lens.  Whats that photogs?  Gear doesn't add up?  That's 'cause the lens was never attached to the camera.  Check out the official video below:


Jon Chicot put together these teaser videos (below) with some behind-the-scenes action and Khari and our model Cinvee were graciously styled by Jen Abrams and Juliet DeRose.  Many thanks to everyone who helped out!