The Front Bottoms | "Skeleton" | Lyric Video

When Bar None Records called me looking for a video for their exciting new band, The Front Bottoms, I jumped at the opportunity to create something a little different. The band is promoting their new album called "Talon of the Hawk" and wanted a lyric video for the song "Skeleton" so fans could follow the lyrics while listening to the track on YouTube. They also needed something turned around very quickly.  I ended up remixing different scenes from an old Turkish film about an evil villain who's disguised in a Halloween-style skeleton body suit.  I added a bold type treatment and some basic animation to the lyrics to finish it up. The process took about three days from start to finish and the band and their label were thrilled with the video.

It's really exciting working with found footage- breathing new life into older visuals can make for an interesting and unique aesthetic!